Sail through the reed-lined channels of a world-renowned wetland in a traditional dug-out canoe and experience wild Botswana like never before.

The Specifics

Make the African mokoro cruise part of your experience in the Okavango Delta and allow yourself to be guided by a traditional poller. All you need to do is sit back and relax as you glide silently passed birds and animals on the riverbanks of this ancient wetland heritage site.

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Okavango Delta:

The mokoro excursion activity has defined the Okavango Delta safari experience for generations, but before it was an attraction for tourists, it was the traditional mode of transport for people living on the Delta islands, and it still is. Originally carved out of the trunks of sausage and jackalberry trees, the mokoro was once a narrow, solid wooden canoe, propelled by a “poller”.

Today, mokoros are sustainably built using other materials and the experience has captivated all who visit the Okavango Delta. Guests are seated in the mokoro and a guide will expertly navigate the waters, pointing out hippos, crocodiles, birds, elephants, and water lilies for guests to see and photograph.

This is a quiet and tranquil experience that can be filled with adrenalin and awe; a fantastic activity for guests staying at our Delta island camp.

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