Bundox Explorer Camp is an eco-luxury tented camp that promotes a low-impact, immersive safari experience in the Greater Kruger Park. Located in the Balule Private Nature Reserve, this Big Five territory is where guests will enjoy both game drives and guided walking trails through rugged Lowveld terrain and along the Olifants River.

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“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”
Dalai Lama
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Our tented camp offers comfortable-but-back-to-basics rooms on an unspoiled wilderness area

The secluded and unfenced camp offers guests the opportunity to explore the African bush on foot or on a game drive.

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Simplicity at its best, designed for comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the feeling of being connected to nature as you fall asleep in cottage-style tents in an intimate safari environment. There is a swimming pool and a shaded deck overlooking magnificent landscape views ideal for whiling away the day.
At Bundox Explorer Camp

A Typical Day

At Bundox Explorer Camp

  • 05h00
    Wake up
  • 05h30
    Coffee and biscuits at the dining tent
  • 06h00
    Depart for game drive (coffee stop included)
  • 09h00
    Return to camp
  • 09h30
    Breakfast followed by leisure time
  • 14h30
    Lunch is served
  • 16h00
    Depart for game drive (sundowners include)
  • 19h00
    Return to camp for dinner

The Specifics

Find out about the accommodation, activities, and other details below, or contact us with your questions and we’ll gladly give you the information you need.

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At a Glance:

Bundox Explorer Camp was an original, rustic trails camp operating under the name Indawu, and in 2019 it was acquired back by Wildside Africa and underwent a drastic revamp to embody our eco-luxury concept and be remodelled into the sustainable tented camp we have today.

The original location remains one of the camp’s greatest assets. Its positioning on a rise gives it expansive views of the horizon and the Drakensberg Mountains as a backdrop, with a series of characteristic boulder koppies in the foreground. As the sun sets right behind the mountains, the view can be admired from the camp’s perfectly placed swimming pool.

The cottage-style tented rooms are ensuite and have comforting amenities. The whole camp runs on solar-power and safari activities consist of authentic walking trails and traditional game drives.


The camp is in an intimate setting and has only a couple of staff members who run the show, from guiding to cooking and maintenance. The layout is intended to suit small groups, couples, and solo travellers who would enjoy a personal experience in close comfort with nature.

This fully catered camp can either be on a per person basis or it can be booked out on an exclusive basis for a private group of up to eight people.

There are five cottage-style, free-standing tents, each containing an ensuite bathroom with flushing toilets, cold tap showers, and contemporary bucket showers for when guests would like hot water. A swimming pool is in prime position with a panoramic view of the bush, and offers the perfect refreshment during summer.


Originally conceptualised as a trails camp, the element of a walking safari remains the greatest appeal of Bundox Explorer Camp. To experience Africa on foot is an honour and it promises to change one’s perception and be remembered forever. That being said, traditional game drives have an incredible amount to offer in an area like the Greater Kruger, so they are an integral part of the experience too.

Game drives: Discover the rocky rises and valleys of the Greater Kruger’s Balule Nature Reserve on morning, afternoon, or night drives, which give guests the opportunity to see the Big Five and many other wildlife favourites in their natural habitat. Find out more about our game drive activities here .

Walking safaris: Step out on foot, led by a professional guide and tracker, and learn the art of reading the signs of the bush. Walking the trails of the Greater Kruger allow for viewing wildlife on foot in a wild, unpredictable environment, and learning about the tracks and signs nature leaves behind. Find out more about our walking safari activities here .

Birdwatching : The varying terrain surrounding Bundox Explorer Camp means that there are birds belonging to all sorts of habitats to spot. Whether sitting in camp and keeping an eye on the immediate surroundings or scanning the banks of the Olifants River while on game drive, there is bird activity all over. Find out more about birdwatching activities here .

Surrounded by wilderness and away from bright city lights, Explorer Camp emphasises a back-to-nature experience. Guests will find themselves blanketed by stars as they sit around the campfire, and we’ve got knowledgeable guides who know their way around the constellations. After dinner, your guide point out the stars in the sky. Find out more about our stargazing activities here .

Experiential activities: From traditional bread baking lessons to gin special gin tasting on the banks of the Olifants River, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for our guests in the form of some signature experiences and activities.


Occupying a spot in one of South Africa’s prime wildlife locations, the Greater Kruger Park, Bundox Explorer Camp offers guests not only exceptional safari experiences in terms of animal activity and species diversity, but also in terms of exclusivity. While the Greater Kruger allows wildlife to roam freely from the national park, it is limited to private guests only, so there is far less vehicle traffic and limited human presence at various sightings.

The camp itself is only a 30-minute drive from the town of Hoedspruit, about 45 minutes from Eastgate Airport, and an hour from Bundox Safari Lodge. It feels blissfully remote, yet it is accessible, and allows for a couple of nights to be included in an itinerary exploring the greater Limpopo/Mpumalanga/Kruger area.

How to get there:

Guests are able to self-drive to the gate of the reserve (Olifants West gate) and park their cars in a secure parking area. Our guides will be there to meet new guests and take them to camp in a game viewer, so the safari begins as soon as one is through the gate! There are also transfers that can be arranged from Eastgate Airport or Bundox Safari Lodge.

Child policy:

Teenagers 16 years and older are permitted to partake in walking safaris in the Greater Kruger Park, by law, but younger children are invited to participate in game drives and other activities at Bundox Explorer Camp.

Considering this is a small, intimate camp, hosting a maximum of 10 people, we regret that children younger than 16 may only be accommodated if the camp is booked out as a whole.


The weather in the South African Lowveld is characterised by hot summers with rainfall, and cool, mild, dry winters. The start of the rainfall season is usually around November-December and it ends in February-March. Peak summer is in December and January when temperatures can rise into the 40s (Celsius) and rainfall occurs in the form of dramatic afternoon thundershowers.

Winter months are in June, July, and August and bring bone-dry weather, mild day-time temperatures (in and around the mid-20s), and chilly nights and early mornings. In mid-winter, morning game drive temperatures can be as cold as 8 degrees, so wrapping up against the chill is essential.

Summer rains bring plenty of greenery, an abundance of water, migratory birds, and baby animals, but also create an environment for insects, bugs, snakes, and scorpions. Winter can appear rather barren with leafless trees and no green grass, but it is the best season for safari and game viewing.


Bundox Explorer Camp’s position inside the Greater Kruger Park gives it Big Five status, but this is only the beginning of what wildlife offerings it possesses. The year-round presence of the Olifants River gives it an even further boost in terms of species diversity and density, particularly in the dry months when animals generally migrate to find water.

Balule Nature Reserve has a strong population of resident lions, and the rocky terrain lends itself to leopards. Spotted hyenas den in the area making sightings of their cubs an occasional highlight. Elephants thrive, and guests have a chance of seeing black and white rhino, which move freely here while protected by a dedicated anti-poaching unit.

Giraffe, kudu, zebra, waterbuck, nyala, impala, and duiker are among the numerous antelope species to see; hippo and crocodile are seen abundantly in the river; rare predators like wild dogs and cheetahs are also known to make an appearance. Birdlife is prolific.


Like many safari regions in Africa, South Africa’s Greater Kruger is in a malaria-risk area. This should not be a deterrent for guests wanting to travel in the Lowveld specifically, but measures should be taken to prevent mosquito bites and lower one’s risk of contracting malaria.

We recommend guests always consult doctors in their home countries for advice on prophylactic medication and follow the medical advice they are given. While on safari at any of our lodges located in malaria-risk areas, we provide insect repellent for guests to use and recommend wearing light-weight, high coverage clothing in the evenings.

What to pack:

All year round, guests should pack the essential safari items, such as cameras, binoculars, sun-block, hats, and sun glasses. The winter sun, while mild, still needs to be considered and guests should be diligent about protecting their skin even during the cooler time of year.

The winter nights and early mornings can be exceptionally chilly in the Kruger Park, so it is essential that one packs a warm, wind-proof jacket, scarf, and warm headgear to wrap up against the cold on morning game drives in an open vehicle.

Closed shoes are essential for walking and are also recommended for nights around camp to protect against animals like scorpions, which are more prevalent on hot, summer nights.

Remember to pack all the necessary camera and device chargers and any personal medication.

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