Overlooking the bush and mopane forest on the private Moremi Wilderness Concession, Mankwe offers campsites only and equipped pop-up camps with access to an ablution block with bucket showers, flushing toilets, and washbasins, in a pristine area at the gateway to the Moremi Game Reserve.

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Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.
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Keeping it simple under the African sky

Wildlife wanders wild and free on the Moremi Wilderness Concession

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Self-driving campers will enjoy the exclusive location of the Mankwe campsites, which come with bucket showers, flushing toilets, and wash basins. Firewood will be provided on the first night and thereafter is available for purchase at Mankwe Tented Retreat. There are facilities at the main lodge for campsite guests to enjoy, such as a swimming pool, lounge, bar, and dining area.

The Specifics

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At a glance:

Overlooking the untamed bush and mopane forest in the Moremi Wilderness Concession, Mankwe campsites are ideal for intrepid self-drivers looking for bush campsites that have basic amenities.

These sites are on the same concession as Mankwe Tented Retreat - our safari hub at the gateway of the Moremi Game Reserve. Moremi South gate and North gate entrances are each an hour's drive from the campsites, offering easy access to our camping guests.

Each of the campsites enjoys privacy in the bush, so guests can enjoy a feeling of exclusivity. The sites are not fenced and wildlife including big game like lion, elephant, and buffalo, does roam freely.


Mankwe campsites provide borehole water for campers and have traditional bucket showers, flushing toilets, and wash basins available. Drinking water needs to be self-supplied. Water can be heated on the fire for a hot shower.

Each campsite can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests and three or four vehicles in one group. We do also have one large site that can accommodate groups of up to 30 people. A campsite is booked for exclusive use for your group, be you two or ten travellers.

Each campsite is provided with firewood on the first night and additional firewood is available for purchase at the main lodge. The campsites are not fenced and animals can and do roam freely.

Mankwe Tented Retreat is located nearby and has comforting amenities available to campsite guests, including a swimming pool, dining area, lounge and bar.


Mankwe campsites are available to self-driving guests with their own itineraries. This is the ideal base for exploring the Moremi Game Reserve and especially the Khwai River region. Find out about our guided full-day safari options here .

Camping guests are also welcome to self-drive the game drive roads on the Moremi Wilderness Concession, which has a network of pans and open areas ideal for wildlife viewing. Find out about our guided game drive activities here .

Birdwatching is ideal at Mankwe campsites because guests can choose to spend as much or as little time admiring the birdlife as they like. Spot birds from the comfort of your campsite or set up at one of the nearby pans and see what birds come into view. You can find out about our birdwatching activities here .


Mankwe Campsites are located not too far from Mankwe Tented Retreat on the private Moremi Wilderness Concession - a position that offers guests the luxury of exploring both the exclusive network of pans and game drive routes, and the public reserve.

Situated just a short drive from South Gate and North Gate, the campsites offer guests close proximity to the Khwai River region and the waterways of the eastern Okavango Delta.

The campsites are about 91km northeast of Maun and an hour's drive from both South and North Gate of Moremi.

How to get there:

Travelling from Maun to Mankwe:

Coming from Maun, follow the tar toad to Shorobe (appr. 40km).

As you go through Shorobe, the tar road changes to gravel. Continue on the gravel road to Mawana Gate, which is a buffalo/vet fence (appr. 18km).

From the gate, proceed straight ahead until you reach the fork in the road.

Keep right at the fork and follow the road to Sankuyo Village (appr. 25km).

Continue 5.5km from Sankuyo Village and look out for the sign for Mankwe on your left hand side.

Turn left at the sign and follow the road to the lodge (appr. 2km). Please report to reception to book in to your campsite.

Travelling from South Gate to Mankwe:

Upon exiting South Gate, continue toward the buffalo/vet fence.

Before you reach the buffalo/vet fence, turn left and follow the road towards Sankuyo Village (appr. 25km).

Continue 5.5km from Sankuyo Village and look out for the sign for Mankwe on your left-hand side.

Turn left at the sign and follow the road to the lodge (appr. 2km). Please report to reception to book in to your campsite.

Child policy:

Mankwe campsites are open to guests travelling with children of all ages in their private party. The campsites are unfenced and wild animals roam freely, so guests are encouraged to supervise their children at all times.


Botswana receives rainfall in the form of afternoon thundershowers in the hot summer months between November and March. October is the hottest, driest month before the rains, and things start to cool down come April/May before winter truly sets in in June.

June, July, and August are considered the winter months and also peak safari season because of the mild daytime temperatures (±25C), dry weather, lack of mosquitos, and good opportunities for game viewing.

Summer on safari can be challenging with unpredictable rainfall, flooded roads, and sometimes searing temperatures (±40C), but those who are keen birders should know this is the season for birdwatching, as the many migrant species return for the summer.


The wildlife on Mankwe’s private concession includes a great variety of animals that occur in the neighbouring Moremi Game Reserve. There are no fences dividing the reserve from surrounding concessions, so all species have the freedom to roam. The permanent water in the Delta river systems attracts wildlife year-round, so Moremi is constantly a hive of activity.

Large predators that can be seen include lion, hyena, leopard, cheetah, and African wild dog; and the mega-herbivores include elephant, hippo, and giraffe.

The Delta is known for special water-adapted antelope, such as red lechwe and waterbuck, among many other well known species. Zebra, baboon, warthog, plus many others form part of the wildlife experience at Mankwe.


Like many safari regions in Africa, Botswana is in a malaria-risk area. This should not be a deterrent for guests wanting to travel in Botswana and to the Okavango Delta area specifically, but measures should be taken to prevent mosquito bites and lower one’s risk of contracting malaria.

We recommend guests always consult doctors in their home countries for advice on prophylactic medication and follow the medical advice they are given. While on safari at any of our lodges located in malaria-risk areas, we provide insect repellent for guests to use and recommend wearing light-weight, high coverage clothing in the evenings.

What to pack:

All year round, guests should pack the essential safari items, such as cameras, binoculars, sun-block, hats, and sun glasses. The winter sun, while mild, still needs to be considered and guests should be diligent about protecting their skin even during the cooler time of year.

The winter nights and early mornings can be exceptionally chilly in Botswana, so it is essential that one packs a warm, wind-proof jacket, scarf, and warm headgear to wrap up against the cold on morning game drives in an open vehicle.

Closed shoes are essential for walking and are also recommended for nights around camp to protect against animals like scorpions, which are more prevalent on hot, summer nights.

Remember to pack all the necessary camera and device chargers and any personal medication. Things like books on the birds and mammals of the area are available for reading and reference at the lodge.

Central Reservations:

Tel: +27 72 523 2796
Email: reservations@wildsideafrica.net

Botswana Properties:

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